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Firstly, from our family to yours, a huge thank you! 
Each of the three generations of our family-run business is grateful for your custom. 
Maureen xx
Being a mother and grandmother, being eco-conscious, and choosing sustainable products is a cause that is very close to my heart. It saddens me deeply to see single-use plastics pollute our rivers and oceans, not to mention the deforestation that is causing a myriad of issues worldwide.
This is a huge global issue and can feel utterly overwhelming for us as individuals.
How can we as individuals have an impact? 
When we collectively choose to purchase reusable and sustainable products, it not only casts a vote ( big corporations notice the decreasing profit line and start to make changes they may not have introduced naturally) but it also has an immediate impact on the problem. 
The Plastic Problem
In the UK in a single year, it is estimated that 2 billion single-use tampons and pads are flushed down the toilet, many of these single-use items end up in the sea or washed up on beaches.
The Marine Conservation Society estimates for every 100 metres of the beach there are 5 pieces of menstrual waste. 
In the U.S 5.8 billion tampons are purchased each year! 
A single-use pad can contain as much a 90% plastic and even tampons without plastic applicators have plastic inside.
During our lifetime we will use as many as 15,000 pads or tampons.
The vast majority of which will end up in landfills as plastic waste.
MINNKI was born out of the need for a more sustainable and planet-friendly menstrual solution.
In my search for a suitable eco-friendly menstrual product, I became frustrated  with the lack of heavy flow options.
The market appears to be saturated with cheap, poorly made, ill-fitting garments and was seriously lacking in heavy absorbency options.
As an Endometriosis sufferer, I found it challenging to manage my heavy periods. tampons caused extreme discomfort and I would need to change my pad so regularly I could get through a pack in a day. 
After searching high and low for an absorbency level that would better suit my needs, trying several brands of menstrual underwear, it became apparent there was a gap in the market. 
Armed with enthusiasm, sheer determination and for a "bloody" good cause, our mother-daughter super team pulled all our resources and experience in fashion, design, and textiles to create what we believe are the perfect pair of period pants. 
Our little Ava (Age 10) has also been instrumental in the design of our teen period pants ( coming soon).
We hope one day she will take the reins on what promises to be an environmentally conscious business. 
Our Super Plus Period Pants 
Our MINKKI Super Plus Period Pants have been lovingly designed to absorb a heavier flow. 
Our period pants not only offer very high absorbency, they also include full front and back protection right up to the waistband and an extra-wide protection panel on the back. The front panel gives extra protection for front sleepers. 
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